White Fusion Calathea - 4" Pot
White Fusion Calathea - 4" Pot

White Fusion Calathea - 4" Pot

Calathea 'White Fusion'

The first rule of White Fusion Calathea is we don't talk about White Fusion Calathea. Rather, we mention her in hushed tones, out of earshot, preferably in another room. Her ears are sensitive. She knows when you are talking about her. 

She's sensitive. If you water her too much, she won't like it. Too little, and she won't like that either. Not enough humidity in the air that graces her leaves - oh she'll let you know about that. Our recommendation is to not even look at her when you walk through the room, except on every third day. And if you do, be sure it is merely out of the corner of your eye. If she sees you, she'll demand your attention.

Light: Medium to Bright Indirect Light
Water: Medium water requirement. Water just as the soil dries out.
Pets: Generally Safe for Pets

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